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Innovative Prosthetic Solutions Delivered With Care

Latest models of artificial limbs and excellent patient care for amputees.

We Will Guide You on Your Road to Recovery

Prosthetic Innovations Inc. in San Antonio, Texas provides top-notch prosthesis and excellent customer service to amputated patients. At our company, we understand that recovering from an amputation is difficult both physically and mentally, therefore we want to help you in the best ways we can.

With innovative technology and personalized care services, we guarantee that we will do everything we can to make things easy for you. Our prosthetists also have years of experience working with Myoelectric Limbs/Hands. Our services cover all types of amputations:

  • Below Knee Amputation (BK)
  • Above the Knee Amputation (AK)
  • Below the Elbow Amputation (BE)
  • Above the Elbow Amputation (AE)
  • Toe Fillers
  • Hip Disarticulation
  • Shoulder Disarticulation
  • And More

Contact one of our patient coordinators for information on accepted insurance policies and appointments. Next day appointments can be scheduled upon availability. 

Direct Socket System

The Direct Socket System is a standardized, amputee-centric socket solution for both transtibial and transfemoral amputees of all activity levels. It enables design, fabrication, and delivery in one session. We are the only prosthetic provider providing this service in the South Texas region.

This procedure enables us to consistently provide our patients with a high-quality tailored prosthesis in one session. The process and socket solution are designed to increase patient satisfaction through improved outcomes. It also allows our prosthetists to spend time more efficiently with the patient, leading to faster completion of services. This innovative technology now allows fabrication of our sockets directly on our patients.


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